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The Nature Of Progress (Don’t Forget The Fundamentals)

by Jason Sanders on December 1, 2009 · 0 comments

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It is amazing to me that as a society we’re always looking for the easy way out of our problems/challenges.  I’m not sure if this behavior is actually human nature, or just the result of living during a time of rapid technological advancement.  Actually this issue goes beyond just looking for an easier way.  Many of us live under the assumption that there is a EASIER, FASTER, and BETTER way to do almost everything and all we have to do is wait for technology to present it to us.

georgeforemangrillWe can see this belief in action in how we embrace new and innovative products.  Society often embraces new products and trends as problem solving innovation without really evaluating the true benefit.  For instance, how is a George Foreman Grill any better than a grill pan?  It’s not.  But that didn’t stop George from selling millions of them. Wait, the George Foreman Grill does cook both sides of the hamburger at the same time… And George really likes hamburgers… And George really likes his new grill… And I really like George, he’s such a nice guy… As it turns out George Foreman gave us just enough push to cross over into a value proposition and we bought those George Foreman Grills like crazy.

Would the same product have been as effective if it was an Amy Winehouse Grill?

The point that I’m trying to convey is that no matter how far we progress with technology, we will never be able to avoid basic fundamentals.

So if social media/publishing isn’t accomplishing what you would like it to, ask yourself if you’re neglecting the fundamentals of marketing and relationship building.  Remember, no one is going to care what you say unless you give them a reason to.

What are you doing to give people a reason to care about you and your business/cause?

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