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Are You Managing Your Expectations And Targeting Your Efforts?

by Jason Sanders on December 15, 2009 · 0 comments

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I’m writing this to all of those entrepreneurs out there who are making their way in the marketplace and overcoming the obstacles of having to explain a totally new concept, product, service, or idea.  Let me ask you, “Are you managing your expectations?”  I’m definitely not asking to be a downer or rain on your parade.  In fact, quite the opposite.

When I was first starting out, my own exuberance and confidence fueled the false idea that everyone would be interested in my goals, my business’ objectives, and would just “get it.”  It didn’t take me long to figure out I was a bit off base.  You could say that I’ve had my share of negative reactions, though I did my best not to view them negatively.  I always made a point to ask searching questions to determine why I was getting a specific response.  The feedback that I’ve received (positive and negative) has been invaluable and has helped me shape the way I talk about what I do and how I target my efforts.

It’s crucial to target your efforts.  The other thing that the feedback I got taught me was who my prospective audience is.  Over time, certain patterns emerged.  I began to realize that my message and goals were more closely aligned with small to medium sized businesses than large corporations.  Did that mean I never talk to large corporations about what I do?  No, but I do make sure that I change my perspective when I talk with them and I expect them to examine my business through their corporate lens.  How much are you thinking about your audience’s perspective?  How are you tailoring your interactions and presentations to their point of view?  Are you asking the right people for raw honest feedback?  Whether the feedback is positive or negative, that information is precious to your business and essential to your future sales.

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