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Sales Tip: Shut Up!

by Jason Sanders on January 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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Now that I have your attention, let me ask you… Have you ever got the feeling that you talked a potential client OUT of doing business with you?  Sure sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do business with someone, but sometimes…

You can make a mistake and completely alienate your potential customer.  Let’s face it, today’s customer has completely evolved from the customer of only five years ago.  Today’s customer is online searching for information and sometimes finding solutions (that might be why they called you).  You’re smart, you’ve been consistently publishing helpful and informative content on your blog.  You’re not afraid to be passionate about what you care about and write about what you feel.  In fact, your writing gives your readers a glimpse of your personality.  And you must be likable because sometimes people call you after they read what you’ve written.  Never forget: The people who call and say they found you online have read what you’ve written.  So why are you talking their ear off on the phone?

You’ve already spoken to them through your written words.  You’ve already convinced them to give you a call.  Shut up and listen!

Realize this:  If someone calls you after reading your blog, they’ve already made the decision to work with you.  They are your customer to lose.  You don’t need to pitch them.  They already picked you!

If you then go into a long winded sales pitch and rehash half of what you’ve written (and they’ve read) on your blog, they might (rightly) get the idea that you’re more interested in hearing yourself talk than helping them with their problem.

Now is the time to ask questions.  Instead of talking you need to focus on asking the right questions to draw them out so that you can understand exactly what they’re looking for and evaluate the best way for you to help them.

Can you relate to this?  What are your thoughts?  I can’t wait to read them in the comment section!

Jason Sanders @ValuePagesGroup
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