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iPhone App Review: Momento – Journaling And Social Media Indexing

by Jason Sanders on March 22, 2010 · 0 comments

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I decided purchase the Momento App for my iPhone about a month ago in an attempt to keep a record of my progress towards my business goals, and just life in general. In fact Momento’s primary function is as a journal or diary. What sold me on the app though, was a description of it’s social media integration features.

As anyone who has spent a good amount of time on social media can attest, a frustrating problem is that after some time, your input into these social media platforms seems to effectively disappear. It might be out there somewhere, but have you ever tried to find a facebook update, or a tweet from 6-months to a year ago? After endlessly scrolling through pages, most people throw up their hands and quit. That’s what I did, somewhere between page 100 and 200. This old information is not easily accessed unless you’ve set up systems to index it.

At $2.99 in the App Store, the Momento app seemed to address my desire to be able to quickly keep a journal as well as the promise to keep a recorded indexable and searchable record of my facebook updates and tweets. Actually Momento not only integrates with facebook and twitter, but also with flickr and If you’re active in social media, capturing the updates from these platforms will give you a pretty good picture of what you were up to at any given time, even if you didn’t have time to post a journal/diary entry. Of course all that information would be practically useless if it wasn’t organized in such a way that allows you to find updates quickly based on topic or a timeline, which Momento does very well. You can even periodically export the information to guard agains loss should something happen to your iPhone.

Hats off to the developers over at Momento because it’s obvious that they’ve thought their product through, listened to input from users and packed this application with all the best features to optimize their “on the go journal”. One of my favorite touches is the ability to tag your journal/diary entries. You can choose to tag them based on people (select a person from the contacts on your phone), places (use the gps location system or manually enter your location), and even events. This feature combined with the ability to attach photos to your journal/diary entries earns my enthusiastic endorsement of this application. It’s a really cool piece of technology that takes the concept of journaling to the next level by allowing users to create a multi-faceted and more complete picture of their day to day activities.

Disclosure: I was not paid for my review of this application. I paid for the Momento application with my own money and haven’t received any financial compensation from the developers of this application. I wrote this review because I really, really like the app and I think you will too, but we are looking for sponsors of our TVPG Radio Get More Business Show.  ;-D

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