About Jason

by Jason Sanders on November 16, 2009

Hi, I’m Jason Sanders. I’m the founder and President of The Value Pages Group.  I work with small to medium sized business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to provide business networking that is time flexible, engaging, and effective.  I embrace an educational role and truly enjoy what I do.  If I can develop and share practical but dynamic strategies and techniques to merge social technology and business, I feel like I’ve done my job.  Ultimately I want to make sure that business owners achieve maximum return on investment. For more about this, contact me directly.

jason3I like to write about business networking, business marketing, social media and anything else that strikes me as valuable to a small to medium sized business. I’m also not afraid to throw my opinions out there on a broad variety of topics. You’ll find me to be socially liberal and financially conservative which means I can usually strike up a hearty conversation. Speaking of conversation, don’t be shy to share your opinions here as well. I love talking through topics and touching all sides of an issue.

My background is in finance, so the last couple of years have been a struggle. My personal struggle to network and find the right referral partners while preserving as much time as possible is what motivated me start The Value Pages Group. This shared need that businesses have drives my new mission to provide a framework and tools to allow businesses to prosper in these tough financial times.

Other Things I’ve Done

Started TVPG Radio as a medium for business owners to share the emerging technology, dynamic strategies, proven techniques and winning mindsets that are enabling their survival, or better yet, their success and growth.

Developed and launched TVPG Labs to cultivate and market tools to help business owners transition from traditional marketing to web based marketing with the goal of presenting their business to the world through the lens of their vision.

Founded Measured Impact to convert social media to social equity and raise a lot of money labor for charity.  It’s also cool that I get to name ‘The Most Influential Person on Twitter’ and ‘The Most RT’d Person on Twitter*’.
*For charity

Relationships and Disclosures

  • I own The Value Pages Group, TVPG Radio, and TVPG Labs.
  • I founded Measured Impact to raise as much money labor as possible for charity.
  • I offer copies of the books I’ve talked about on TVPG Radio through my Success Store (via Amazon).
  • I offer items essential to (mobile) social publishing through my Success Store (via Amazon).
  • I’m an affiliate for the Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson because it’s awesome!
  • I’ve received a free book from the publisher of  guests who have appeared on TVPG Radio.

My Assistant

I don’t yet have an assistant.  I’m really really busy, but I want to hear from you.  So please be patient when you contact me.